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The support of my colleagues means the most to me - Biljana Kokinovska

Meet Biljana Kokinovska, law graduate and MSc in Finance and Financial Law. After more than 8 years of combined experience in law and public procurement, she is a bid manager at Infinity Energy and ITSS. Besides her exceptional patience, analytic skills, and perseverance, Biljana is also known for her passion for art in the team.

1. How did you choose this profession? Which part of your job gives you the most pleasure?

I had the interrogative approach with public procurement as a scientific field during my postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Law in Skopje. Later I started to upgrade the same knowledge professionally in another activity. I chose this profession to significantly enhance my ability to pay attention to detail and improve my flexibility towards extremely short deadlines and, of course, the dynamics of my personal development. I am happiest when I can prepare an offer for a specific public procurement in a short time. 

2. How powerful do you feel when you manage to meet several extremely short deadlines in a row? :)

I believe that the company's success largely depends on the personal responsibility and contribution of each employee in the efficiency management as a system for removing barriers and improving motivation. It is a challenge for me to achieve several SMART goals in a row in an extremely short time. When I reach that, the adrenaline is at its maximum! :)

3. Do colleagues feel when you need silence and concentration?

Our daily responsibilities require exceptional commitment and attention but there are days when we are literally "overwhelmed" with sensitive responsibilities, each of them with a very short deadline for fulfillment. In those days, the support of my colleagues means the most to me. I am happy that here in Infinity I am part of an almost ideal work environment with coherent intellectual energy, empathy, and tolerant cooperation of the team, mutual respect, and exchange of ideas and experiences. That is why every result achieved is our joint success.

4. Where do you find your peace?

I love art. I think that the aesthetic dimension is everywhere around us. Painting relaxes me the most and that is why I try to spend part of my free time making oil paintings. I like to spend the rest of my free time reading a good book and hanging out with friends and loved ones, but I definitely find my peace in painting. It helps me to relax, not to think about my responsibilities, and to be productive at the same time - which is really an ideal "mental meal" for my personality.

5. Were you tempted to try to make a living from art?

During my high school days, I had the opportunity to sell some of my paintings (oil on canvas and glass drawings) through my acquaintances on the street markets organized in Italy. This was a big achievement for me considering that Italy is one of the most famous centers of Western culture, especially painting. I recently realized that I also have sculptural skills distinguished through decorative confectionery, which opened a possibility for me to engage and cooperate with several sweet houses in Skopje. Still, despite my great love for art, my definite choice of profession is what I am currently working on.

6. Do you have idols from the art world? What is it that fascinates you about them?

From modern painting, I would single out Picasso who is known as the founder of Cubism and recognizable by his line and color, as well as Basil Kandinsky and his fascinating abstract geometry. From the Early Renaissance period in Italy, I would single out Sandro Botticelli with his mythological paintings and from the 17th-century art - Jan Vermeer van Delft known for his work Atelier and his lighting effects during the painting.

7. Would you organize a drawing class for the team? :)

YES! It would be a great challenge for me - to share with my colleagues some of my knowledge and techniques of painting, for simple enjoyment and stimulation of the creativity, and even for a deeper passion for painting. :)

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