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The variety of challenges stimulates me to progress - Stefan Ristovski

Meet our Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager Stefan Ristovski, a graduated IT engineer. His specialty is financial applications. And gaming, of course.

1. What is the last project that really tired you? :)
Good question, all projects in my department are complex, there are no easy projects. :) Fortunately, everything is much easier when there is good energy in the team and a relaxed work atmosphere. We recently completed a more serious project, in which we created a solution to upgrade the electronic billing system, as well as iOS and Android applications. This is a project that can be implemented in both the public and private sectors.

2. What were the biggest challenges in the realization of this project?
Despite the complexity of the project, the biggest challenge was the short time for realization, but we overcame it with a precisely defined detailed plan of construction to which all of us on the team strictly adhered.

3. How is electronic payment improved with the new solution? Have you used any innovative solutions?
We have integrated all the systems through which bills can be collected so that now the users of the electronic services of the company for which the project was intended can follow their due obligations in real-time. Additionally, with the introduction of the new software authentication token functionality, we have improved the access of the users which is now much simpler but also more secure.

4. What attracted you to do this, what fulfills you the most in your work?
On the one hand, it's the variety of projects which makes it impossible for my work to become boring. On the other hand, it's the necessary mix of prior knowledge and specifics in the field which is a different challenge each time, but also an opportunity to strengthen and upgrade my abilities.

5. What relaxes you the most after a hard day, week, a month?
If it is just one extremely busy day, training, a good movie, or gaming will easily relax me. If it's a matter of several consecutive hard days I need outdoor activities such as cycling or hiking, preferably near water (river, lake). After a long hectic period in which I don't have time for such a quick "reset", I need to disconnect from everything and rest for at least 2-3 days. After that, I am ready for action again. :)

6. What would you say you are particularly good at other than programming?
Based on my experience so far, I do well in managing and successfully implementing international projects. I believe that there is something else that I still haven't tried, so we will talk again in a year or two. :)

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