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Today, most government organizations and private companies operate on a hybrid network. According to Gartner, the recent shift to telecommuting has had a lasting impact on digital networks. He says that by 2024, organizations will be forced to create digital business transformation plans at least five years in advance as a survival plan to adapt to the post-pandemic living that includes higher adoption of measures for working from a distance and digital challenges of communication.

Organizations that use such technologies often overlook several aspects, making data even more vulnerable:

Make a quick decision to switch to a cloud-based solution. Some organizations are considering replacing their traditional level of security with an Accessible Service (SASE) solution, without considering all the pros and cons of such a decision.

Ignoring the importance of the local data center. For various reasons, many companies simply can not transfer critical services from the data center to the cloud.

The myth of the best solution from multiple manufacturers. There is a belief that this approach provides the best safety at work. Instead, such an approach typically leads to platform dispersion, resulting in overly complex networks and isolated security architectures that cannot effectively share timely information about potential threats.

Insufficient application of a holistic approach. Evolving hybrid architectures expand the field of attack, reducing visibility and increasing risks. What deepens the problem is the estimate that the volume of encrypted traffic will soon reach 95 percent.

Risk of unreserved trust in the existing solution. Traditional classic nets focus on preventing outside attacks but give attackers a very large range once the perimeter has been breached.

Therefore, before making final decisions, companies must consider all the possibilities, with all their advantages and disadvantages, to be able to choose the solution that will be most appropriate to their needs.