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Traveling is a real relaxation from work responsibilities - Vlatko Bojkovski

Meet Vlatko Bojkovski, Graduated Computer Engineer and Senior Software Engineer Team Lead at Infinity Energy ITSS. He has been working in the IT industry for 9 years, mostly on financial applications and administrative software. Vlatko led our project for creating an integrated system for administering local taxes and fees, which opened new opportunities for local self-government units.

1. Vlatko, how many team members worked on creating the integrated system for taxes and fees?
We were 7 people included in this project - me as a Software Solution Architect, with a team of four developers, one analyst, and one tester.

2. What would you single out as the biggest advantage of using this system?
The integrated system for administering local taxes and fees enables independent administration with the local taxes of a certain municipality. The local self-government unit receives a single register of taxpayers, and with the modules for external comparison and independent assessment of the real estate value, local self-governments generally increase their budget revenues by at least 50%, i.e. an average of 70 and more percent in the first year of using the software.

3. Does this solution offer any benefits for the citizens?
Of course, yes. The module for electronic tax collection provides fast, simple, and easy insight, as well as a way to pay the obligations to the municipality with any credit or debit card.

4. Do institutions have an interest in the implementation of this solution?
There is interest among institutions for using the system, which was expected, given the fact that it allows them to facilitate the process of increasing budget revenues.

5. As much as you love this job, the fact is that it is quite hard and responsible. What is it that helps you relax completely and gather strength for the next big project?
Whenever you work with finances, the responsibility is big because at the end of the day the amounts of liabilities and receivables have to be agreed and you have to know where every cent is and why it is spent. It gives “life” to the software. For me, traveling abroad is a real relaxation from work responsibilities and an instrument for fully charging the batteries.

6. What are your top 3 destinations?
Miami and the Florida Peninsula - USA, Lisbon and its surroundings in Portugal, and white nights in Norway.

7. Did you feel "at home" in any of these places and why?
Wherever I travel in Europe I feel at home. But I think for young people the United States is something to be experienced.

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