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Now everyone can be a humanitarian - Mirjana Tepsic

Conversation with the director of the humanitarian foundation "Go Far", Mirjana Tepsic, about the first funds raised through the mobile application developed by the team of Infinity Energy ITSS in Skopje.

1. Where did the idea for a foundation come from, what is its main goal?

The idea for establishing a humanitarian foundation came from the spirit and ideology of our group, Infinity International Group, where through technology, human resources, and community support practices, we work towards the advancement of society for years now, values that are present in all companies-members.

As a humanitarian foundation, the organization's goal is to help those most in need, but the main focus is now on three "fronts" - young talent funds, public kitchens, and children's aid, in the hope that the activities will contribute to reducing socio-economic differences between people and increasing the sense of humanity.

2. You have already made the first cross-section of the "Steps for Humanity" campaign. Can you tell us where did you distribute the funds?

Thanks to the application created by our team in Skopje for the "Go Far" foundation, we have collected the first 15,000 KM to help five organizations in Banja Luka that need support. We gave out 3,000 KM each to the city organization of the Red Cross; the Public kitchen "Mosaic of Friendship"; the orphanage "Rada Vranjeshevic"; the organization "SOS Children's Village" and the association for socially disadvantaged children and youth "New Generation".

We collected many donations through the humanitarian races "Infinity Fun Run" in Banja Luka and "Race for the cure" in Sarajevo, as well as with the help of recreationists who ensured 1 KM from our sponsors with each kilometer traveled.

We congratulate and thank all those who joined the action because we achieved the first goal together.

3. How does the fundraising mobile app work?

The free application is available on "Google Play" which opens the opportunity for all those interested to join the fundraising by walking or running because the partner companies donate one KM for every kilometer. It means that now everyone can be a humanitarian. So far, we have more than a thousand active users of the application, and their number is growing daily.

4. What are your future goals?

Now five institutions received 3,000 KM, but we will not stop now. We are going further towards collecting 50,000 KM. I am happy that this noble story is gaining more and more supporters every day, with the help of which I believe that we will soon reach the set goals.

After this campaign, we will continue to follow the needs of the social community and work on joining forces and financial and human resources, as well as jointly developing awareness of problems of socio-economic, humanitarian, scientific, educational, and cultural nature. I hope that we will meet many humane individuals, companies, and organizations in the process with whom we will go even further.

Outside the foundation, at the group level, we will continue to work actively to find effective solutions to support young and talented people and promote knowledge, education and entrepreneurial culture, technology, innovation, and energy efficiency.

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